Understanding the Market

There’s a lot of talk about the real estate market on any given day. Understanding the market can mean a successful sale or an unsuccessful one. The problem is that people often find understanding the real estate market difficult. Staring at countless charts and numbers can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking at. Don’t worry. The team at Drew Sineath & Associates has taken the time to keep you up to date with the market statistics for the Lowcountry. Why? Because we’re passionate about empowering you.

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Tri-County Market Statistics

  • 3101302450,2972744634,2785531299,2675721369,2506208162,2444313581,2286008029,2027206796,1796627698,1550691464,1456564951,1421897782
  • 1106613049,1067370171,1195005593,1065409482,997040847,1073001367,793585285,649980672,899059243,976405825,1347549633,1337954755
  • 563014882,826285385,1050562107,929357859,935488958,972036370,849808638,927517280,669372163,766445389,1020339390,1075424286
  • 549931289,805201309,1023242016,906607912,915210370,950875313,835079218,908984482,654868871,751535585,1006572605,1067524900

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Tri-County Property Inventory

  • 5293,4922,4534,4261,3910,3756,3503,3068,2707,2210,2026,1789
  • 2425,2266,2564,2244,2244,2200,1676,1469,1876,1987,2453,2497

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Tri-County Prices

  • 585953.61,604001.35,614398.17,627991.40,641012.32,650841.21,652669.43,660853.91,663805.21,701772.16,718936.30,796263.92
  • 456397.13,471037.15,466070.82,474781.41,444314.10,487792.89,473499.57,442464.72,479214.95,491388.94,549347.59,535922.68
  • 378000.00,380740.00,385674.50,390000.00,395000.00,399000.00,393000.00,394257.50,399900.00,410000.00,413999.50,434079.50
  • 319000.00,319950.00,325512.50,330000.00,325000.00,325000.00,334395.00,325000.00,349000.00,339999.00,365000.00,359000.00

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